Substance Use Disorder Prevention

Fresno County Access Line - 800-654-3937

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Our goal in SUD Services -

Prevention is to develop and maintain a comprehensive prevention system to avert and reduce alcohol and other drug-related issues, and in the process to help individuals, families and communities in Fresno County enjoy increased health, well-being and economic independence by:

  • Modifying social norms and conditions to counter adverse consequences resulting from alcohol and other drug availability, manufacturing, distribution, promotion, sale, and use; and
  • Effectively addressing at-risk and underserved populations and their environments.

For questions and comments regarding prevention, please contact us at (559) 600-6087.

Functions of Substance Use Disorder Services - Prevention 

  • Development of a Strategic Prevention Framework to guide prevention efforts over the long-term (Click HERE for the Current Strategic Prevention Plan)(PDF, 2MB)
  • Plan, implement and coordinate prevention programs that serve diverse communities throughout urban and rural Fresno County;
  • Administer contracts with agencies to provide prevention services;
  • Encourage the strengthening of collaborative partnerships between a wide range of organizations and agencies to facilitate an integrated, county-wide network of complimentary services to maximize resources and reduce duplication;
  • Evaluate outcomes to determine the effectiveness of programs;
  • Collaborate with community organizations to sponsor health fairs and alcohol/drug-free events; and
  • Provide information and referral to substance use disorder services.

For contact and program information for Prevention Providers Click Here(PDF, 530KB).

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Provider Highlights

Youth Leadership Institute

Youth Leadership Institute - Use your voice

The Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) has been a long-time partner of Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health in efforts around substance use prevention and education. In the past the YLI has provided substance use prevention work on behalf of DBH. YLI is implementing the Friday Night Live, and early/youth prevention for alcohol, cannabis, and prescription drugs for Fresno County under the new substance use strategic prevention plan (SPP).  For more info on those visit for more info. 

For more information on storefront signage and its impact on health and safety, please contact Leila Gholamrezaei-Eha at (559) 600-6499 or Yammilette G. Rodriguez at (559) 255-3300, or visit the Youth Leadership Institute webpage at:

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If you have a Behavioral Health emergency
please call 9-1-1

For Access to Services or the Crisis Line,
1 800 654-3937

 CalHOPE Warm Line
1 833 317-HOPE(4673)

Central Valley Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1 800 273-8255