Practitioners Requirements

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Body Art Practitioners Requirements

(Tattoo artists, body piercers and permanent cosmetic artists)

The Safe Body Art Act requires ALL people performing body art to register with their local enforcement agency, prior to working in a body art facility.

  • girl tattooistComplete Body Art Practitioner Application and pay registration fee ($52)
  • Provide photo ID, verifying applicant is over 18 years old
  • Complete and provide copy of certification from an approved Body Art Specific, Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Training (List of Approved BBP Classes )(PDF, 260KB)
  • man tootooistProvide proof of Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • Approved types of Verification:
    • Certification of Completed Vaccination – Copy of completed vaccination record or document.
    • Laboratory Evidence of Immunity – Copy of laboratory results.
    • Vaccination Declination – Any person choosing to abstain from Hepatitis B vaccination shall provide a written statement with their name, address, and the facility in which body art shall be performed and declare that Hepatitis B vaccination is voluntarily declined. The declaration must also state that the risk of transmission, as well as the effects of Hepatitis B on the human body is fully understood. (Vaccine Declination Form(PDF, 9KB))

Please Note: In order to be registered in Fresno County, you must be working out of a permitted body art facility