Food Safety Videos

Special Thanks to Riverside County for the use of the following videos.

Please contact Fresno County Department of Public Health - Environmental Health Division if you have any questions regarding the content of the videos.


This video discusses measures food handlers must take to ensure their hygiene doesn't compromise food safety.



Proper Hygiene for Food Handlers

Proper Hygiene for Food Handlers (Spanish)


This video has information that food handlers can use to ensure foods are held at safe temperatures


Hot & Cold Temperatures for Food

Hot & Cold Temperatures for Food (Spanish)


Learn the proper Dishware washing techniques to help stop excessive growth and to prevent foodborne illness.


Wash Rinse Sanitize


Watch this video to learn more on ensuring food is from a reliable and approved source.


Approved Source for Food

Approved Source for Food (Spanish)



The instructional video provides information on food safety in your kitchen to protect yourself and your family.

ABC's of Food Safety

ABC's of Food Safety (Spanish)



This educational video is designed to educate food handlers in Riverside County on Food Safety in restaurants.

Food Worker Training

Food Worker Training (Spanish)