Safe Sleep and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

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Fresno County Safe Sleep and SIDS Awareness Program

It is our goal to reduce SIDS and other Sleep Related Deaths in our community by increasing awareness of what can increase the risk of a baby dying during sleep and how to reduce those risks.  Our aim is to provide educational resources and presentations throughout the community so that all parents and caregivers have the information they need to keep their baby sleeping safely as possible.  Our program also works to provide support and resources to families who are grieving the death of their baby. 

What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)?

SIDS is the sudden unexplained death of an infant under one year of age. A SIDS diagnosis requires a complete autopsy, a thorough death scene investigation, and review of the clinical history. Researchers continue to look at many things to better understand SIDS.  Several studies are focusing on the brainstem’s response to low oxygen levels.  We can not predict which babies will die when their oxygen level gets low, but we can reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep related deaths by placing them in a safe sleep environment for every sleep time.

For more information on the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations visit:

In Spanish:

What Does a Safe Sleep Environment look like?

Watch the short video below to see what a safe sleep environment looks like.

English Version:


Version en Español


CPSC Baby Safety | Back to Basics 


CPSC PSA | Baby Safety - Traditional vs Contemporary

CPSC PSA | Baby Safety-Traditional vs Contemporary-Spanish

2022 Baby Safety PSA_Final (





The ABCs of Safer Sleep:

Alone on their

Back in a

Crib for every sleep time.

Please noteBabies can die in their sleep day or night.  It is important that everyone who cares for your baby understands why the ABCs of Safe Sleep for every sleep time are so important.  It is very dangerous for your baby to sleep on an adult bed, sofa, armchair or bean bag by themselves or with someone else.   Also, if your baby happens to fall asleep in their stroller, car seat or swing, move them to their crib as soon as possible to reduce their risk of dying in their sleep.  Safe sleep is hard, but your baby is worth it.

Learn more about creating a safe sleep environment by clicking on one of the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions about Safe Sleep and SIDS

Here is a lively short video on more tips to keep your baby safer during sleep.  See how much you already know and share with those who will help you take care of your baby.

Visit the National Institute for Children's Health Quality (NICHQ) website to learn more. 

Community Outreach and Education

What is the Safe Sleep Program?

Would you like to learn more about Safe Sleep and SIDS?  To find out more, sign up for a free ABCs of Safer Sleep Presentation. Presentations are interactive and designed to meet the needs of the audience, allow you to ask questions and gain understanding of other ways to decrease your baby’s risk of SIDS.  Parents, grandparents, care givers and day care providers, parent groups and parenting classes are all invited to request a presentation, which are available in English, Spanish translation coming soon.  Free materials on safe sleep can also be mailed to you.  Special presentations for Health Care Professionals are also available. 

To schedule a presentation, call (559) 600-3330

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