Correctional Health

Division of Correctional Health 

Medical and Behavioral Health services are provided in the adult jail facilities and the Juvenile Justice Center by the Department of Public Health. These services are provided seven days a week. The contracted vendor also provides Dental and Optometry services in the facilities.

Main Jail: 1225 "M" Street, Fresno, CA. 93721. Opened in 1989, the Main Jail is a 12-story facility with 6 Floors; maximum population 1064.

North Annex Jail: 1265 "M" Street, Fresno, CA. 93721 Built in 1993, the North Annex Jail is a 3-story facility with 2 floors; maximum population 432.

South Annex Jail: 2280 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA. 93721 Built in 1947, the South Annex Jail consists of 4 floors; maximum population 675.

Jail Medical Services provides services 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout the year. Medical services provided to all inmates entering the Fresno County Jail include Medical/Health screenings by licensed personnel at the time of booking, nursing sick call, clinician sick call, medications, dental services, and lab services.

Jail Medical Services provides sub-acute care for Sheriff's Department jail inmates and Probation Department wards. This care is done on-site at most facilities, by staff that is assigned to them. At the adult facilities over 100,000 sick calls and 40,000 screenings are processed annually. There is 35-bed outpatient holding unit at the Main Jail. At the juvenile facilities 14,500 sick calls and 1,000 screenings are processed annually.