Plan Check

New body art facilities, or facilities planning to remodel, in the County of Fresno are required to submit plans to the Environmental Health office for review. Construction on a new facility or remodeling of an existing facility shall not commence until approval is given by our department. Body art facilities are not allowed to open without a valid health permit. Health permit applications will only be accepted after the proposed plans have been reviewed and approved.

What are the construction requirements for body art facilities?

To obtain information about the requirements for body art facilities, review the Construction Requirements(PDF, 17KB).

Plans must be submitted along with the Body Art Facility Construction Plan Check Form(PDF, 192KB).

Plans and Plan Check forms are reviewed in the order they are received. Once staff has reviewed the plans, a correction letter or approval letter will be sent. Should a back-check of plans be necessary, contact our office for an appointment.

You are required to submit two complete sets of plans. One set of plans will be retained by this department until construction has been completed. The other set of plans will be returned to the person submitting the plans. The approved plans must be kept on the job site until a final inspection has been made by this department.

If you have any other questions regarding plan requirements or the plan check process, please contact us below: 

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