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Community Events (or Special Events)

A community event is defined as:
"…an event that is of civic, political, public, or educational nature, including state and county fairs, city festivals, circuses, and other public gathering events approved by the local enforcement agency." - CalCode Section 113755

What do I do if I am planning a community event?

As the event organizer, you must complete the Community Event Food Organizer Application(PDF, 575KB) and have each food booth vendor complete a Community Event Food Vendor Application(PDF, 208KB). As the event organizer, you are responsible for submitting all completed food vendor applications as well as the permit application to the Fresno County Environmental Health office no later than two weeks prior to the event starting date.

Am I required to pay fees?

Once our office receives all of the food vendor applications, a risk assessment will be completed. If the event does not pass risk assessment, then the event will not be inspected and fees will not be required.

If the event passes risk assessment, then the event organizer will be informed that our office will be conducting inspections and fees will be required. We will bill the event organizer for the fees after the event.


  • Beginning in 2012, reinspection fees will be charged for multiple reinspections due to uncorrected violations.
  • Inspected Community Events are charged a $59.75 fee per food vendor.
  • Food vendor and organizer applications must be completed using the current forms. Applications received on old forms will be rejected.

What are the food vendor requirements?

The requirements that food vendors must follow are listed in the handout entitled:

What if I am not an event organizer but I plan on participating in a special event?

Complete both sides of the and submit the Community Event Food Vendor Application(PDF, 208KB) to the event organizer at least three weeks prior to the event. The event organizer is required to submit all food vendor applications to this department two weeks prior to the event.

If you have any questions regarding community events, please call (559) 600-3357.

Current Forms and Applications: