Hazardous Materials Business Plans

The Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) Program is one program element within Fresno County. The HMBP Program is administered throughout the County and its incorporated cities. The purpose of the HMBP Program is to protect public health, the environment and groundwater from risks or adverse effects associated with the improper storage and handling of hazardous materials. In addition, the program is designed to protect the community and its first responders from accidents and fatalities by providing the required information so that proper planning and training can occur to prevent a large scale incident.

Businesses must complete a Hazardous Materials Business Plan (Business Plan) for the safe storage and use of chemicals.

In general, you must submit a Business Plan if your business handles and/or stores a hazardous material equal to or greater than the minimum reportable quantities. These quantities are:

  • 55 gallons for liquids
  • 500 pounds for solids
  • 200 cubic feet (at standard temperature and pressure) for compressed gases

General Requirements:

  • Electronically submit a Hazardous Materials Business Plan on CERS which includes:
    • Facility Information (Business Activities & Business Owner/Operator Identification)
    • Hazardous Materials Inventory (including Site Map/Plan)
    • Emergency Response and Training Plans
  • Pay your fees annually to keep your permit active

Visit our CERS page to get started with your HMBP submittal

Employee training documentation is now required and always certify your submittal annually.

Information on AB-1429


Our HazMat Inspectors can assist you with your electronic submissions. 

If the Internet is not available at your business or home, or you are having trouble submitting online. A computer workstation with Internet access is available at the Environmental Health Department office and assistance is provided by appointment with our HazMat Inspectors. To setup an appointment, please call (559) 600-3271 and speak to the CUPA Specialist of the Day.

Any other questions regarding HMBP,  please contact the Fresno County HazMat Compliance Program at: 559-600-3271 or email at: HazMatCUPA@fresnocountyca.gov