Fresno County Mobile Food Vendor Permit & Inspection Checklist

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Step One: Plan Review (If Applicable)

It is required to receive plan approval prior to starting any new construction or remodeling of a food vehicle. Plans are reviewed in order of submittal, and the initial review will be completed within twenty (20) business days.

Plan Review (Building, Remodeling, or Updating Mobile Food Vehicles)

  •  Complete Plan Check for Mobiles — Submittal Checklist
    • Two (2) copies of construction or remodel plans drawn to scale showing all four sides and a top view, as well as equipment specifications, and gas, electrical, and plumbing diagrams, must be provided for review
    • Mobile Plan Check fee of $573 paid when plans are submitted


Step Two: Permit to Operate (Required for All)

All mobile food vendors planning to operate in Fresno County must obtain a permit and pass a vehicle inspection by Fresno County Environmental Health prior to the business opening. Please check with your inspector to determine specific requirements for your food vehicle. Basic requirements typically include:



Step Three: Inspection (Required for All)

In order to obtain a Permit to Operate, you must schedule an appointment with an inspector. The location of your commissary determines who your inspector will be. 

It is required to bring your vehicle(s) to the inspection appointment fully functioning and ready to operate, including hot water in the sinks, steam tables at 135°F or above, mechanical refrigeration at 41°F or below, all equipment in place, etc. 

  • Submit all required documentation
  • Complete an Environmental Health Application
  • Pay Fees — Master Schedule of Fees
  • Schedule an inspection appointment


Once each of these steps is completed and the vehicle passes inspection, the mobile operator will receive a non-transferable Permit to Operate, to be kept on the vehicle at all times, and a Vehicle Permit Approval sticker. The permit year for mobile food vendors runs from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. 

If any of the three elements—vehicle, permit holder, or operations—change after you’ve obtained a Permit to Operate, the permit will no longer be valid. Your inspector must be notified prior to any changes.


WARNING: Preparing and selling food requires a Fresno County health permit. While our office strives to educate our food vendors about the permitting process first, some or all of the following consequences could result:

  • Receiving a written Notice of Violation legally notifying you to immediately stop your operation.
  • Condemnation and Destruction of food products
  • Impoundment of Equipment – must have identification and pay a fee to recover impounded items.  Second time equipment is impounded, the court orders this equipment destroyed.
  • Administrative Citations and Fines

As you can see, we take food safety very seriously in Fresno County. Please be smart and follow the steps in the checklist above to get your licenses and inspection completed before operating your mobile food business!


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