Underground Storage Tank Program (UST)

Underground Storage Tank Program (UST)

A Permit to Operate from Fresno County Environmental Health is required in order to operate an underground storage tank system in Fresno County. HazMat Compliance staff inspect UST facilities on an annual basis to assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The purpose of this program is to assure that hazardous materials stored in underground tanks are not released into the groundwater and/or the environment. The Permit to Operate incorporates a set of conditions for operation and continuous monitoring of the underground storage tank system. There are various methods in which to monitor a UST system depending on the construction of the system.

Permit Requirements

Permit to Operate

In order to obtain a Permit to Operate the following is required:

  • Submit an application to Fresno County Environmental Health Division and pay the appropriate Environmental Health and State Surcharge fees
  • The underground storage tank system shall meet current upgrade / construction requirements within the California Underground Storage Tank Regulations
  • Federal/State Financial Responsibility requirements must be met
  • An approved underground storage tank monitoring plan shall be implemented on site
  • In order to maintain a Permit to Operate, the underground storage tank facility must be in compliance with the Permit Conditions specified in the Permit to Operate. In addition, Underground Storage Tank Regulations require certification of the monitoring system to be conducted annually by a third party technician

Temporary Closure Permit

In order to temporarily close an underground storage tank system, temporary closure requirements(PDF, 30KB) must be met and a Temporary Closure Permit must be obtained from Fresno County Environmental Health.

Permit to Construct or Remove an Underground Storage Tank System

Environmental Health Staff oversee the construction, repair, and removal/closure of underground storage tanks through a permit process. A permit to conduct this type of work will be issued to a qualified contractor once the appropriate fees have been paid and after the plans have been approved for new construction sites. Underground Storage Tank New Construction Guidelines(PDF, 166KB) and Underground Storage Tank Closure Guidelines(PDF, 170KB) are available for further information.

Exemptions from the program

The term "underground storage tank" excludes the following:

  • A farm tank
  • A heating oil tank
  • A hydraulic lift tank
  • A liquefied petroleum gas tank
  • A liquid asphalt tank
  • A septic tank
  • A sump, pit, pond, or lagoon
  • A wastewater treatment tank except a tank which is part of an underground storage tank system
  • Storm water or wastewater collection systems
  • An emergency containment tank kept empty to receive accidental spills and approved for such use by the appropriate local agency

If you have questions regarding the Underground Storage Tank Program, please contact the Fresno County HazMat Compliance Program at (559) 600-3271 or email at: HazMatCUPA@fresnocountyca.gov