Additional Topics

On this page you will find statistical information and reports developed by the Epidemiologists.

Information on how to contact the Epidemiology Program is located on the Epidemiology main page.


Chronic Disease

2019 Cancer Report(PDF, 2MB)



Vaccinations in Schools Interactive Map

Vaccination Levels of Fresno County Schools: 2017-2018(PDF, 699KB)

More data on School vaccinations can be found at CDPH Short for Schools Website.


Drug Use

At-A-Glance Prescription Opioids 2017 to 2021(PDF, 179KB)

At-A-Glance Prescription Opioids 2016 to 2020(PDF, 195KB)

At-A-Glance Prescription Opioids 2015 to 2019(PDF, 239KB)



Syndromic Surveillance