Immunization Material Ordering Page

Requesting Immunization Materials

Please note, County of Fresno can only fulfill requests for materials within Fresno County. Ordering only takes place once a quarter, and it is not guaranteed that all supplies are in stock. All individuals will be contacted before ordering to verify their order. Furthermore, all orders must be picked up in person at 1221 Fulton Street, Fresno, CA 93721. If you would like to order please follow this link.

Immunization Records

Blue Card.png IMM-542A Immunization Card.png

IMM-542P Immunization Card.png

Freezer and Refrigerator Materials

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IMM-286 .png IMM-1126 .png


State Funded Stickers

SGF Sticker Edited.png 317 Sticker (Edited).png

Vaccine Reminder Postcards

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IMM-794 Edited.png

Hygiene Signage Material 

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IMM-825 Edited.png

Immunization Technique Resources

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Vaccine Materials for Pregnant Women

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