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Someone called my home and said that they were from the health department and left a message that said I have HIV (AIDS). Would they do this?

The Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH) would not provide a diagnosis of HIV infection without first performing an HIV antibody test. All HIV antibody tests performed by FCDPH are treated as confidential and information regarding results are only given in person, never over the phone, by letter or fax.



I tested positive for HIV, who will be told?

FCDPH will not tell anyone without your permission of your status. We are governed by Federal Law called Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and protected health information (PHI) regarding disclosure information. For a copy of the HIPPA law, please contact the FCDPH at (559) 600-6404. This form can also be accessed on our website by using the following link.

Fresno County Notice of Privacy Practices


What if I need someone to help me in telling my partner I am HIV positive?

We can do it with you. You can chose to talk with your partner along with a counselor who will provide support and answer and question and concerns your partner may have.


If I give you permission, will you tell them?

Yes. PS counselors can take information from you about finding your partner. Someone from FCDPH will then find your partner, let them know of their exposure without identifying you, and refer them to testing and other services they may need.


What if I don't want to give any names?

PS is a voluntary, confidential, on-going service. You can contact PS at anytime when you do want current or previous partners notified.


What if my partner is positive also?

We can help partners gain earlier access to individualized counseling, testing, medical evaluation, treatment and other prevention services. PS will also be offered to them as well.

PS counselors are available to answer any additional questions you may have: (559) 600-6404


Where can I find data on HIV-AIDS for Fresno County?