HPI - Fresno

Fresno County Health Priority Index



HPI-Fresno compiles data from federal, state, and local sources onto one map.

The purpose of this map is to provide an easy-to-use tool that can assist in better understanding the local community.


For more information about HPI-Fresno methodology and data sources, a description of how the map has changed over time, and a how to use guide, please see our

 HPI-Fresno Documentation 2022(PDF, 735KB).


HPI-Fresno (2022)

To view the updated HPI-Fresno 2022, please click the map below

HPI Fresno 2022 map image


HPI-Fresno Legacy (2015)

To view the original HPI-Fresno 2015, please click the map below

If you use HPI-Fresno or have any feedback, please complete a Health Priority Index Uses & Feedback Survey.

If copying or distributing any information that you get from HPI-Fresno, please cite HPI-Fresno.

Suggested Citation:

The Fresno County Department of Public Health. Health Priority Index 2022 Map- Fresno (Online Map and Database). 2022. Accessed at <insert location> on <insert date>