Fresno County News

Welcome to the Fresno County EMS News page. Let's all work together and use this web page to share Fresno County EMS related news and information so that we can all stay informed and up to date regarding current trends, improvements and changes within our system. We would also like to use this page to recognize the people in the trenches ... all you who work so hard to provide the citizens of Fresno County with the best prehospital care as possible! Please email us your suggestions and any newsworthy items that pertain to Fresno County EMS Operations. This will be a great place to include pictures and any notable jobs well done!


An Introduction

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Fresno EMS Operations Team. The Fresno EMS Operations Team is made up of a group of six individuals ... all committed to the EMS Agency's Mission Statement:
“The mission of the EMS Agency is to be responsive to those people who utilize their services and to provide for the continuous improvement of the EMS System to ensure that the public receives the highest quality of coordinated patient care services possible.”

The Fresno County EMS Operations Team is:

  • Luis Barrera:  EMS Specialist

What do we do?

The principal functions of the Fresno County EMS Operations Team include:

  • Monitoring and continually improving the Fresno County EMS System.
  • Ambulance contract compliance and evaluation.
  • Ambulance inspections and licensure assistance.
  • Maintaining Fresno County EMS related records, data and reports.
  • Reporting the status of the Fresno County EMS System to the Fresno County Board appointed Emergency Medical Care Committee.
  • Establishing open and honest communication between all EMS agencies, first responders and ambulance providers within Fresno County.

All this in a nutshell?
Okay ... here it goes ...

"To monitor, maintain and continually improve our Fresno County EMS System!"

But we can't do it alone!

If you are part of Fresno County EMS in any way or form ... then you are part of the system! We rely on the EMS system participants to communicate ideas, suggestions and comments so that, as your Fresno EMS Operations Team, we can continue to do our best in making your EMS system the best it can be.