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Tulare County Operations News


It's official Tulare County is a Paramedic county. Effective February 01, 2007, at 0800, all ambulances within Tulare County, with the exception of BLS ambulances, Three Rivers Ambulance, Camp Nelson Ambulance, and California Hot Springs Ambulance, will be required to be staffed to the Advanced Life Support-Paramedic level.

This is historic! Not to mention that this adds Tulare County to the list of Paramedic counties in California and the Nation, but more importantly the citizens of Tulare County are the beneficiaries of the most advanced care in the prehospital setting. The delivery of paramedic service within the County of Tulare has been a goal of the Board of Supervisors, as well as other stakeholders, and their hard work in this goal has finally come to fruition.

The Central California Emergency Medical Services training division has facilitated this effort by upgrading the locally accredited EMT – IIs’ to a Paramedic level. We are hopeful that this is just the beginning of advancements for Tulare County.

Dispatch Services

Tulare County Consolidated Ambulance Dispatch Center (TCCAD) has moved from Visalia to a new location in the city of Tulare. The move occurred on September 13, 2006. This move also improves the dispatch system within the County of Tulare. TCCAD has also implemented a new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system which will add to the dispatching capabilities.

New Phone Numbers:

  • General Business/Non-Emergency - (559) 687-3314
  • Communications Center – (559) 687-3316
  • Shift Supervisor – (559) 687-3315