Mobile Food Preparation Unit (MFPU)

Mobile Food Preparation Units are fully enclosed vehicles with cooking, hot holding, mechanical refrigeration equipment, and an electrical generator. All food preparation must be done on the vehicle or at a commercial kitchen permitted as a commissary.

Potentially Hazardous Foods
MFPUs can handle unpackaged Potentially Hazardous Food (PFH) products inside the vehicle if they meet all requirements. PFHs are food products that will support the growth of infectious or toxic bacteria. These items often require specific handling, cooking, or storage instructions for safety.

  • Any Meat, Poultry, or Pork
  • Fish/ Seafood
  • Dairy Products (Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Cream, Etc.)
  • Shaved Ice
  • Cooked Vegetables, Rice, Beans, Soup, and Other Plant-Based Materials

Learn more in CalCode Section 113871.

Food vehicles, food, equipment, and utensils used for retail operations may NOT be stored, used, prepared, or serviced at private homes. All food vehicles must operate from a commissary. A commissary is a currently permitted food facility that is capable of and has agreed to let food vendors use their facilities for the storage, servicing, and cleaning of a food vehicle. All food vehicles are required to visit their commissary at least once each operating day.


Outdoor cooking, such as barbecues, wood-burning ovens, and vertical broilers, are NOT allowed unless they are approved to operate at a community event.