Lab Services for Medical Providers and Facilities


All diagnostic information from the laboratory is based on the quality of the specimen received. Consequences of a poorly collected and/or poorly transported specimen include failure to isolate the causative microorganism and the possibility of recovering contaminants or normal flora, which can potentially lead to an inaccurate diagnosis and improper treatment of the patient. The following can impact the quality of your specimen:

  • Specimen source
  • Method of collection and timing
  • Storage and transport temperatures

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Laboratory Test Request Form

All specimen and cultures must be submitted with a completed requisition form. Incomplete fields may lead to a specimen being rejected upon receipt. Submit one  completed Laboratory Test Request Form(PDF, 143KB) with suspected diagnosis and relevant history per specimen source. This form must accompany each specimen.  Facilities that are submitting a test request through Copia (EHR software) may print the requisition form directly from Copia and include with the specimen submittal.