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Important Notice: The Babies First program will be changing. We are working on transitioning our program services to a new model. Referrals are still being accepted. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Thank you for supporting Babies First for 27 years! 


PHN Services Referral

Public Health Nursing Services Referral(PDF, 510KB) for Self-Referrals, Providers, and Community Partners


National Health Observances

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Are you currently pregnant? Here are your next steps: 

1. See a doctor & start prenatal carePBB-weeks-months-trimesters (1).png

2. Do not drink alcohol.

3. Do not smoke or use drugs.

4. Take a vitamin with folic acid

5. Keep up with vaccines.

6. Be active

7. Eat healthy

8. Make a plan for where baby will sleep

9. Choosing to breastfeed?

10. Are you in a safe relationship and environment?

My Birth Matters- Make sure to always talk to your doctor about your questions, concerns, and options

Urgent Maternal Warning Signs– What to watch for during pregnancy and the following year after delivery

After Pregnancy

Attend Postpartum checkup after baby is born, between 6 to 8 weeks after delivery.

Know the signs of Postpartum Depression - Find local resources from Maternal Wellness Coalition of Fresno

Learn about Birth Spacing if wanting to have another baby.

Warning Signs After Birth


Additional Resources

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